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Effective enemy eradicating strategies

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Effective enemy eradicating strategies

Post  Lady-Clockwise on Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:20 am

Greetings, Aurorians!

This topic is designed as a place to tell everyone about your favorite strategies you use to take down the various monsters located in the clockworks. Feel free to list specific strategies for indivudual monsters, as there are many in the game and much space here for posting.

I'll kick things off with my own strategy...
I use only two weapons, and those are the Valiance and Cold Iron Vanquisher. My basic strategy for dealing with anything under Haven is to approach with 2 Valiance shots, then run up to melee range and hit it with two swings from the Vanquisher, followed immediately by a shield cancel. This both effectively damages the monster and sends them flying backwards, whereupon I repeat the whole process until the monster is slain. It's nice, because normal damage hurts everything equally, and I never have to worry about monster family.
The strategy changes a bit when it comes to turrets. In these cases, I will, if the thing is not yet aggro'd, charge up the Vanquisher and try to take it out in one sweeping blow. If the turret is already firing, then I will attempt to gun it down from a distance.

I look forward to reading what some of you write!


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Re: Effective enemy eradicating strategies

Post  Fradow on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:36 am

Here is a list of strategies I like to do, on the top of my head :
- DA + Nova in FSC : DA is the main weapon, but due to the knockback and simply the fact that mobs are often a few steps apart from each other, you have some time between DA swings : use that to fire a Nova shot (NEVER two without a pause, you don’t want to reload Nova). If you can lend the ricochet, that’s as much as a single DA swing. It also works with AP.
- VT + AoA : everywhere that is neither fire nor shock resistant with huge crowds, the main example being RJP, just run around spamming both in alternance.
- Electron/Graviton Vortex + Blitz Needle/Volcanic Pepperbox : just plant a Vortex, then charge in the middle of it : most things won’t resist it. Why this works ? Because all guns have a small AoE on bullet impact. The Vortex let you easily profit from that effect for most of the 15 bullets of the gun charge. Works best with one person vortexing, and the other(s) blitzing.
- 2 Alchemers (generally Nova + Stormy for FSC ) : switch between both at each shot so that you never reload, watch the machine gun spitting bullet and your dps going through the roof. If you are good enough to shield cancel each shot, it’s even faster (I’m not there yet though)
- DBB vs T3 Wolvers : just run in very short circle so that wolvers teleporting on your back are in the previous bomb radius. Enjoy the destruction
- Duo strategy vs Devilites : Blitz Needle user + shield user (must be Dread Skelly or Crest of Almire according the devilites status type) : have the shield user shield in front of the Blitz user then unload a charge. At least one kill guaranteed at each charge. Warning though : you have to be fast enough to kill devilites before the shield break.

That’s it for now, perhaps I’ll post a few new ones later. Those ones are the most effective that are not just “spam your weapon until mob die”.


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