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Post  Fropps on Mon May 06, 2013 4:04 am

Okay, recently I've seen a riddle on the message of the day and it gave me an idea. Last year I ran a running competition at school where I made up or collected riddles and put them on our home room board for people to solve, it was a close competition and since then I have become and expert in riddleuring.

Definition- Riddleuring. verb, the act of solving, creating and telling riddles.

I think we should put the riddleuring skill of this guild to the test in a Riddleuring council (a council is just a fancy name for a riddleuring competition, we talk alot, so we call it a council). A nice riddleuring match, whoever wants to come can come, so here are the rules.

Riddles must fall into the "logic puzzle" category.
Riddles must be able to be fully explained with words.
Riddles mustn't use real geological locations, but may use landmarks.
Riddles that are flawed in their basis may not be usable, because solvers might rule out the answer upon coming to it.
No looking up answers to riddles with search engines while it is time to solve it.
No asking anyone who's not playing the answer.
If no-one has solved the riddle in half a minute, I can provide a hint.
If no-one has solved the current riddle in a minute the solver earns 3 point for each player and the solving is discontinued, this is because people might try to cheat.

The person who tells a riddle gets 2 points for each person there is present, excluding yourself, and two less for each person who solves it, if everyone solves it, you get one point.

If a person fails to solve a riddle they get 1 point.
The 5th or more than that gets one
The 4th person to solve a riddle gets 2 points
The third person to solve it gets 3 points
The second person to solve it gets 4 points.
The first person to solve it gets 5 points.

Play will go in alphabetical order, the player who's turn it is will tell a riddle, then players will private message in their answers to me, you can send in as many answers as you want. After that I will read out the scores (to create tension) and play will move along.

This will continue until each player has said 5 riddles (to ensure riddle quality.)
After that I will say 3 more riddles, I will not accumulate points. Then the round is over.

The player with the most points win!

Before the game you have to send in your riddles (5 minimum) to me via in game mail so I can ensure they are legible, allowed and no-one has chosen the same riddle as you.
Please don't post them here because if you do people will know what you will say and can prepare for it.

Bribes are not excepted.


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