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Guild Hall Alcoves Are Now Rentable!!!

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Guild Hall Alcoves Are Now Rentable!!!

Post  Thefallylord on Tue May 21, 2013 4:53 pm

From Mushy's idea of renting Alcoves we now have a system of renting them!

If you want to rent a room they cost 9k to rent.. They have a space of 60 squares and rooms have 81 squares (exluding the part between rooms.)

Like renting rooms the same rules apply, you pay before Sunday midnight. If not you will get a weeks grace only once though and someone else on the waiting list will get your alcove. Please give me the rent so I can keep a tab of it.

You also have to pay for your own furniture. (You have to ask Officer/GMs for this and put the money in before hand.) You will be promoted to Veteran to edit your alcove and an Officer/GM will publish it for you when you are done. Please tell an Officer/GM do demote you if they forget. (It did happen to me a few times.)

You will be put on a waiting list if their is no more alcoves remaining so don't worry if you don't get one right away. Razz

There is 5 Alcoves listed here: (I know it's poorly done... Me just being lazy.)

If you want to rent one, please state the number!

3:Rented by no-one.                                   4:Rented by no-one.
1:Rented by no-one.                                   2:Rented by no-one.

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