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First Event! Quick, Smarty, Followers!

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First Event! Quick, Smarty, Followers! Empty First Event! Quick, Smarty, Followers!

Post  Thefallylord on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:23 pm


Since I'm on a small break. I think this would be a good small event to do in the meantime.

I could not find a better name for it so I'm calling it "Quick, Smarty, Followers!" (Followers sound a lot better than stalkers. Wink

Prize: 150 CE.

What will happen is that I will give a question about SK or the guild every day at a random time on this post, until Saturday. I will also only edit it so it won't appear as a latest topic. The first one to get it correct gets a point, all though if you get the answer wrong, (Which I doubt that will happen since their is the internet!) you will lose a point, if you don't have a point you will go on -1.

Rules: (If you disobey any of these I will deduct a point.)
1. You may only answer once!
2. You must pm me the answer! If you post it anywhere else I will remove it asap.
3. Don't ask for outside help!

Points so far:
Agu: 1  Chibi: 2 Bocephus: 1 Carbisegna


1. Ok to start it off the first question will be: Someone rejoined the guild on their birthday in February 2013. Who was it? = Agu-San

2. How long does it take for a new arcade stratum to be created? = 2 days.

3. What is the name of the first knight you talk to, and what is his weapon? = His name is Rhendon and his weapon is the Blitz Needle.

4. How many boss statues do we have in the GH? = 5

5. What is the guild upkeep, and the recommended crowns we ask you guys to donate? 153,230 and 5000

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