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Update 10/21: Cthulhu R'lyeh (gesundheit!)

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Update 10/21: Cthulhu R'lyeh (gesundheit!)

Post  Red Hawk One on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:57 pm

Dark Harvest 2013

It's finally upon us! And this time it's brought a friend.

In addition to the standard clockworks trick or treating, 000 proudly presents the new, limited edition Shroud of the Apocrea prestige mission! What at first appears to be the standards "Fiends only, no drops, Clockwork Passage" run goes sour as you're whisked off to a magical land of horror, demons, and, who are we kidding, more "Fiends only, no drops, Clockwork Passage" levels!


  • Shroud of the Apocrea, a new prestige that has the chance to contain a new level!
  • Travel a mysterious grave yard, smashing gravestones to free lost souls, solve puzzles, and avoid the horrific harvester!
  • Collect tokens from the freed souls to build mighty weapons!
  • Collect three brand new basically-just-the-sentenza-acheron-and-graviton-bomb-with-poison weapons!
  • Eat Candy!
  • Abuse your now-stronger-than-the-Gran Faust Acheron!
  • And most horrifying of all, use your sparks of life to skip revive times in Lockdown!

Joking aside, the new content is fun. The rewards scale with difficulty, so try finding a party and running it elite. If you plan on running more than once per day, quit out on the last level instead of taking the elevator.

Not a fan of the Acheron buff or lockdown rev thing, though.
Red Hawk One
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Crazy like a fox

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Re: Update 10/21: Cthulhu R'lyeh (gesundheit!)

Post  MushyMushy on Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:26 pm

Adding insta-revs into LD again will be real... "fun."
And I'm questioning why the acheron was even considered for buffing anyway. I mean, it was basically on par with GF already (aka it was faster but GF did more dmg (technically)).
Don't look forward to the new surge of poison in LD. Joy.

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