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Guild rankings

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Guild rankings Empty Guild rankings

Post  imneox on Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:19 am

What are the criteria to rank up in the guild starting from recruit??

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Guild rankings Empty Re: Guild rankings

Post  MushyMushy on Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:21 am

@Valene wrote:Member:
- Guild membership for about two weeks ( may vary depending on activity).
- Account on guild forum with at least three meaningful posts
- A RJP run with at least one officer ( preferably in a party of four) to evaluate etiquette and skill. (You don't have to be OP,but we would like to get a general idea of your skills, gear - around 3*, and just general etiquette in running with others)
 - General impression of activeness, good-nature, helpfulness, etc

- Been in the guild for a while (most people know him/her)
- Go through a Vana run with an officer (again, no need to be OP, but should be able to do Vanaduke without much problem, mostly 5* gear)
- General impression of activeness, good-nature, helpfulness, maturity, etc
- Been a Veteran for a while (well-known)
- Has ability to carry people through JK or Vana
- Shows potential to take up the responsibility (such as help others in need, fill in a spot for BN or LD when needed, contribute to guild fund)
- Someone who is active in guild chat
- Appplication? (In progress XD)

IMPORTANT: Active Guildmasters and Officers will be looking for these things. If you think you meet these requirements feel free to ask us with a whisper or mail to evaluate you.

Please post any questions you have here, or ask any officer in game.

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