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Snarbolax Duo!

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Snarbolax Duo!

Post  Valene on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:28 pm

Hey all! We have decided to have weekly guild events on Saturdays 9:00 PM CST (that's 10 EST and 7 PST). Prizes will include weapon slots, trinket slots, and cr. (The time and prizes might vary depending on the times , ex: the super secret Christmas event will be mucccch bigger)

Soooo...for today's (9/15) event, Blake and I have decided to do a Snarbolax Duo Run!

Here are the rules / directions :

1.) Meet up in guild hall and pair up! (We reserve the right to change pairs if we believe they are overpowered or underpowered. Example being Blake and I being too OP XD)

2.) Once everyone is ready, we will give a go and teams will go to the LOBBY of the Snarbolax mission.

3.) Teams will be given some time to prepare and go over tactics, and once we say "3, 2, 1, GO", you will step on the elevator and begin.

4.) You DO NOT HAVE TO KILL EVERYTHING! There are multiple tricks to doing speedruns so use your minds and muscles!

5.) This is important: YOU ARE DONE ONCE THE MOMENT SNARBOLAX IS DEAD, no need wait till you go up the elevator. Tell us through guild chat, we will verify that you have killed Snarby through the event hub.

6.) Come back to guild hall and celebrate with us!

First place: Weapon slot
Second place: Trinket slot
Third place: (to be determined) crowns

Lastly! This will be the policy for every guild event to pay attention. If you are being disruptive, such as talking while event organizers are talking, or just being plain jerk. I WILL PERSONALLY KICK YOU FROM THE GUILD. I have a short-temper. You will be invited back after the event but we all don't want this to happen so please BE QUIET AND RESPECTFUL =D

Thanks again for reading! Best of luck and HAVE FUN!!

Dblake & Valene
Guild Master
Guild Master

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Re: Snarbolax Duo!

Post  Det-the-EpicVentur on Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:13 pm

That was awesome Very Happy

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